Harbour Mice®

New Generation of Fully Human Antibody Platforms

Transgenic mice have revolutionized biologic drug discovery by enabling the generation of fully human antibodies. The majority of fully human antibodies approved in the US have originated from transgenic mouse platforms. 


Nona Biosciences’ biologic drug discovery programs are based on two proprietary transgenic mouse platforms for generating human therapeutic antibodies. The platforms have extensive potential for generating both conventional as well as the Next-Gen biologics that are fully human, affinity matured with excellent solubility and developability.


The transgenic mouse platforms are:

HCAb Harbour Mice®

A Unique Platform to Generate Fully Human Heavy Chain Only Antibodies

  • The world’s first fully human HCAb transgenic mouse platform

  • The first clinically validated fully human HCAb platform

  • Remarkable versatility for broad applications, including bi- and multi-specific antibodies, CAR-T, ADC, mRNA and diagnostic imaging







HCAb’s patented technology revolutionizes antibody development by generating unique fully human “heavy chain only” antibodies that are approximately half the size of a typical IgG. These antibodies possess IgG-like pharmacokinetic (PK) properties and Fc-domain functions, eliminating the need for additional engineering or humanization. Lack of light chains avoids the problem of light chain mispairing and heterodimerization. These distinctive attributes empower the creation of products with exceptional characteristics not attainable through conventional antibody platforms. Moreover, the HCAb platform allows for the development of various formats, such as single-domain antibodies, bi- and multi-specific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, CAR-T cells, or diagnostic and therapeutic products derived from VH domains.

H2L2 Harbour Mice®

Transgenic Mice Bearing Fully Human Immunoglobulin Genes with Robust B Cell Development & Antibody Maturation

  • Robust and highly efficient

  • Global IP

  • Clinically validated








Both of these platforms hold immense potential in generating therapeutic antibodies and expediting the process of drug discovery and development. Their unique capabilities pave the way for the creation of novel therapeutics and enable researchers to explore new avenues in biologics research. These platforms offer exciting opportunities for advancing the field of biologics and will ultimately improve outcomes for patients.